Linux stuff

I run Linux on my computers.  Currently I’m running PopOS latest version on both laptop and desktop.  I ended up moving my father from his home to live with my family.  His house was too big for him to manage.  When he moved here a little over a year ago he was still running Windows 98.  He hated every version of Windows after 98.  He was still using ancient software on Windows to do his projects and such.  Being 98 is no longer supported at all it was obviously not great.  Like a lot of older people he was kind of stuck in his ways.

My dad just turned 84 and he’s been using Linux Mint Cinnamon for about 9 months.  He has learned GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIM) at least for the things he wants to do.  He’s still learning new things about it but is really enjoying it.  It was a bit of a rough learning curve at first but once he got over the fact that everything was different than the old software he was using he started picking GIMP up quickly.  He uses the web a lot and loves that he doesn’t have to worry much about getting a virus on Linux (unlike Windows).

So what is the point?  If my father can use and learn to us Linux then most people can.  Yes I’m here to help him whenever he needs some guidance and at first because he was unsure of himself I helped quite a bit.  But 9 months later he only asks a couple times a month now and he’s doing great.  He has no desire to go back to Windows at all.  Linux is no longer just a hackers system.   It can be used by a normal computer user very successfully.  It’s way more stable than Windows and not hard to learn of your willing to try.