Covid Christmas in July

Well it’s been a while..  Been busy and also just lacked incentive to update this thing.  Wife and I had our 24th anniversary yesterday.  Rather uneventful but we both acknowledged it.  It was a quiet day and we watched Wall-E together.

For those interested I’m running PopOS (always the latest version) on both my PC and my laptop.  I’ve no love for Microsoft and avoid their software whenever possible.  As a long time Linux user I’m very impressed with PopOS.  It just works and it’s very easy.  I’ve done everything in the past from building my own kernel and all kinds of hacking.  I was on Linux back when you had to compile the Nvidia drivers and kernel mods for different devices.  That being said there is something to be said for something that works as nice as PopOS without the need to get into the gritty details of the system.

So far the family has all been safe from Covid thankfully.  I’m sure it’s affecting each member in different ways but we are all getting through it fine.

No we don’t celebrate Christmas in July but it seemed an apt title for this post for some reason so I went with it.

Soon I will do another post with some books I’m currently reading or have recently read.  I’m an avid reader but when I get to a book that is too slow or hard to get into I tend to move on to the next one.  I might try it again when I’m in a different frame of mine but that depends on my impressions the first time in.

Besides reading I also collect movies and have A lot of them.  I have a lot of time on my hands and reading, movies and video games are how I tend to spend a lot of that time.

I know the site is lackluster but so far I haven’t been motivated to make it prettier or anything.  That might change in the future but for now it suits my needs.

Well that’s all or now.  I will try to post more often and get this thing moving even though it’s mostly for my own benefit.  But if you’ve read this far then I figure at least you should know more will be coming.  Later…